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26 & 27 NOVEMBRE 2019 | PARIS  (Pavillon Dauphine)

6ème édition des rencontres internationales du ferroviaire et de la mobilité urbaine


Discover now the new media partner of TRANSRAIL CONNECTION 2017 : Railway-news !

Railway-News is a leading portal for international news and information aimed at players in the rail industry.

Their dedicated editorial team and social media experts deliver the highest-possible quality information with maximum reach. Their front-of-house team meanwhile provide outstanding client support.

Their products include:

  • Their website : www.railway-news.com

  • Their weekly newsletter: Railway-News newsletter

  • Their quarterly magazine: Railway-News magazine

Really involved in the development of the 5th edition of TransRail Connection,

Railway-News contributes to enhancing the event at an international level !


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