TransRail Connection 2022


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Andiman & Co has become a reference in the railways sector and is very active in the France , Benelux as well in Germany: « Your best partner for the manufacture of spares parts destinated to the Rail , Tram and Subway ». To meet the demands of its customers, Andiman & Co has state-of-the-art equipment so that precision and high quality are always at your disposal. Once a product has been completed, we make it available to the customer for carrying out a whole series of tests. If they meet expectations, a pre-series is launched and then finally production. In effect, the product continually develops according to the customer's requirements but also in accordance with increasingly stricter safety and technical standards. Our philosophy : quickly meeting the needs of our customers while working in close collaboration with their workshops, understanding their commercial, technical and operational constraints in offering them the best products and guaranteeing the best service.

Certifications & Standards

ISO 9001


Andiman & Co is specialized in measuring and processing data for wheel profile, brake disc, wheel clearance, wheel thickness, wheel diameter, wheel defects, runout, rails, switch and equivalent conicity. Andiman also proposes some Innovative Vibration Monitoring System.