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26 & 27 NOVEMBER 2019 | PARIS  (Pavillon Dauphine)

6th edition of the international meetings dedicated to railway & urban mobility




ACTOAT is an Engineering and technology consultancy company created in 2010. Our experts harness their skills and know-how to make your objectives the results of our common work. A well known master of pluridisciplinary techniques and a constant adaptability is their strenght. We intervene on the whole life product cycle, from the preliminary draft to the fine tunning, through numerous domains of expertise. We realize complete or partial engineering contribution as well as technical assistance on site to bring our expertise as close as you need it.

Innovation : We are specialized in pluridsciplinary numerical expertise in purpose to reduce development time of industrial product and so to reduce cost by limitating prototype building and numerous physical test. We work closely with car OEM in those subjects related to core-engineering or projects, and our expertise made them reduce prototype and development costs. 



The ADVANS Group is a key technology partner, proposing specialized engineering services in the areas of electronic systems design, software development and mechanical design. We serve well-known international market leaders as well as technology companies in a broad range of industries. Combining technical expertise and know-how, our engineers work at every step of the development cycle of complex systems, in many industries. In the railway sector, we are the preferred partner of customers located at different levels of the value chain - system designers, OEMs and manufacturers. Today, the ADVANS Group is composed of 3 companies and of 3 international subsidiaries ELSYS Design (embedded systems), AViSTO ( software development) and MECAGINE (mechanics of structure and systems).



Endurance test and characterization services (mechanical, vibratory and climatic). AGENTEST carries out accelerated aging tests, characterization of heat exchangers and air conditioning circuits. The company also offers sales, maintenance and repair of climatic chambers and incubators for testing centers.



We are a globally operating engineering and technology consulting group at the forefront of the digital and connected world, AKKA accelerates innovation for the world’s largest industrial groups

Innovation : Autonomous Train co-developed with Alstom - Cybersecruty linked to signaling product throw Cervello, AKKA’s partner - Autonomous Vehicle named Link & Go deployed in transportation throw a partnership with Transdev, to prototype new Autonomous Shuttles - AR / VR (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality) throw AKKA’s branch named Operantis, provider of Simulations permitting Traning and guided maintenance operations - AKKA Research which is the the Research Center permitting to develop Innovation into AKKA, with and for customers (Link & GO, Link & Fly, …). 



Alpha Innovations is a pioneer in the field of power technology. Renowned for its highly reliable standard and custom designed power solutions, Alpha Innovations has become a prime supplier of market leaders in the telecoms, traffic and medical segments in Europe.

Innovation : Preventive maintenance and monitoring.



Andiman & Co has become a reference in the railways sector and is very active in the France, Benelux as well in Germany. « Your best partner for the manufacture of spares parts destinated to the Rail , Tram and Subway ». To meet the demands of its customers, Andiman & Co has state-of-the-art equipment so that precision and high quality are always at your disposal. « Once a product has been completed, we make it available to the customer for carrying out a whole series of tests. If they meet expectations, a pre-series is launched and then finally production. In effect, the product continually develops according to the customer's requirements but also in accordance with increasingly stricter safety and technical standards. »

Innovation : Andiman & Co is specialized in measuring and processing data for Wheel profile, Brake disc, Wheel clearance, Wheel thickness, Wheel diameter, Wheel defects, Runout, Rails, Switch and Equivalent conicity - Andiman proposes also some Innovative Vibration Monitoring system.



We are a special bolting and mechanical assembly parts manufacturer according to drawings. We carry out die forging, machining, milling and grinding, as well as roll rolling by cold rolling. Our expertise goes through high-alloy steels, stainless steels (Duplex, Superduplex), superalloys (Inconel, Nimonic, Hastelloy), Titaniums, in the railway, nuclear, aeronautics, oil, hydroelectric, marine engine, lifting and handling sectors.


Innovation : Development of a connected screw device that measures live elongation in order to deduce the actual tightening torque at any time. - Anti-unscrewing device.



Member of the AGS Group, ATS offers services in the following fields: Laser-welded sheet metal assemblies, Precision mechanics, 3D metal printing - Water jet cutting, ... The AGS group is able to offer complex ranges of products though the integration of complementary processes such as: laser and water jet cutting, laser welding, machining, sheet metal and additive metal manufacturing. The company thus offers the capacity to produce high-tech technical parts. In the rail sector, the group has already carried out projects with Alstom, SNCF, Bombardier and RATP.

Innovation : EN 150 85 - Laser welding - Sheet metal works with painting.



Company specializing in applications of flexible foil elements providing heat for a wide variety of industries. Applications : floor heating systems • couplers • steps • windshield wipers • headlights • lens heaters • heating in driver cabins • heating of water pipes • switch points • rear-view mirrors.



Leading manufacturer of special lubricants with high added value, BECHEM is a major player that develops and manufactures special lubricants for the industry and original equipment of mechanical and electromechanical elements. In the railway sector, Bechem has developed a dedicated range of biodegradable and eco-friendly lubricants, solvents and additives. BECHEM brings its expertise with specific lubrication solutions for railway applications or rolling stock. Our range of lubricants (greases, coatings, and dispersions) meets the requirements efficiency, reliability, sound reduction, safety and optimization of the service life of the mechanisms.

Innovation : Development and sales of tri-bological and acoustic solutions.



A major French player in the custom electronics segment, CATS POWER DESIGN designs, redesigns and manufactures tailor-made electronic systems to meet its customers’ most specific needs throughout the lifecycle of their products. Our process is ISO 9001v2015 certified. Since 1995, our HW/SW and EMC engineers have serviced Tier-1 customers (NDA) with solutions such as energy conversion systems, motor drivers, process-boards, ECUs, communication systems and embedded software. CATS POWER DESIGN manages flexible production lines in France and in low cost areas to guarantee a perfect cost optimization. Our firm joined the international EIGHT LAKES group (AAA, +80ME turnover, 200 employees) in 2015, which specializes in electronics and mechatronics.<br><br>


Innovation : Development and production of electronics according to specifications : AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/DC, DC,AC energy conversion - Engine drivers - Process cards - Connectivity cards. 



COSLING develops planning and scheduling software solutions to optimize your operations (maintenance, activities, workforce, etc.).


Innovation : Constraint-Programming experts.



Dataiku is the platform democratizing access to data and enabling enterprises to build their own path to AI. By making AI accessible to a wider population within the enterprise, facilitating and accelerating the design of machine learning models, and by providing a centralized, controlled, and governabale environment, Dataiku allows businesses to massively scale AI efforts. Data scientists as well as analysts or business users across retail, e-commerce, health care, finance, transportation, the public sector, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more use Dataiku to power self-service analytics while also ensuring the operationalization of machine learning models in production.



Dejond Fastening Systems has been developing, producing and supplying technically advanced high-quality fasteners and tooling for the railways industry. Dejond is manufacturer of Tubtara® blind rivet nuts - standard and customised versions.

Innovation :  Tubtara® blind rivet nut optimised for composites and engineered plastics.



Deremaux manufactures, renovates and overhauls all types of mechanical items, assemblies or sub-assemblies whether prototypes, single items or small and medium series. We machine a wide variety of materials: construction steel – stainless steel – titanium – carbon fibre – aluminium – copper alloys – cast-iron – plastic materials – composites (celoron …). Product materials in finished, semi-finished or as-cast format. We manufacture your items from designs, even old ones, sketches, plans, ... Personalised standard market items / Prototypes / Internal plans.




Made-to-measure digital solutions dedicated to the rail sector. With PlugInRail, optimize all your traceability process : from the identification of your rolling stock to the exploitation of the registration data and the real-time tracking of your assets, digitize your traceability thanks to a complete and modular solution specially adapted to the railway field.



duagon is a leading supplier for communication, computing and control technology for regulated critical applications in the railway and embedded electronics marketThe operational business of duagon is comprised of two segments - Communication & Control and Computing. The brands duagon and OEM, which are the leading supplier of communication and control components respectively, form the business unit Communication & Control while MEN, who is the expert in robust embedded computing solutions, forms the business unit Computing. The business units work closely together with a common aim: to provide all customers with comprehensive solutions from one single source.



As a partner of the major railway manufacturers and equipment manufacturers, ECM is involved in the development of rolling stock and in numerous railway infrastructure programs in France and abroad. ECM is also involved in train evolution studies. For future projects, ECM is involved in R&D through the adaptation of its offer on lightening railway structures. For new programs, ECM is positioning itself on the design of complex functions, such as interior design, geometry, sliding door system design or the adaptation of passenger seating solutions to meet new ergonomics or capacity requirements.



EMG2 provides innovative technologies to optimise your applications in the field of Miniaturization, High-Speed Communications, and Boards & Systems. Its offer is based on the expertise  and electronic skills of its partners for which EMG2 is your contact in France for all technical or commercial questions. These often complementary solutions aim to provide a comprehensive response to a precise and specific application. EMG2 puts its comprehensive vision of the electronics market at your service to offer real added value through obtaining quick, accurate, and adapted answers, from your requirements specifications to project completion. EMG2 helps you find solutions, whether in developing integration and compactness or much more imposing and complex systems (test or instrumentation benches, comprehensive calculation units or infrastructure networks).



Manufacture of DC motors, compressors and hydraulic power pack



Subsidiary of STYLE AND DESIGN GROUP, E-NODEV is the specialist for HMI development, embedded electrical-electronic-mechatronic solutions. The company has a design office, an electronics laboratory, a beam manufacturing workshop, a mechanical assembly workshop and a network of subcontractors. Expertises: Embedded systems (electronics, tests & simulation, networks, ...), Special vehicles & supports (studies & manufacturing, types of supports, CAD tools).



epicnpoc is a startup that provides software solutions and agile design tools for user-centric innovation in the fields of mobility and IoT. Thanks to a flexible software architecture epicnpoc connects complex ecosystems, addressing multiple services: personalized well being, smart signage, intuitive interaction, advanced safety, cloud-based services ... With expertise in innovation, design and software development, epicnpoc supports its customers in defining a desirable user experience, from intention to completion of functional proof of concept

Innovation : IO suite : editor and player of distributed systems - Design Methodology of functional Proof of Concept.

epostech (FRANCE)



epsotech offer the pinnacle of engineered polymer sheet development for the railway industry. Our epsotech range provides solutions that are safe, attractive and resilient – with a significant weight saving benefit and lower cost than traditional materials and methods. Applications include ceiling and window frames, cladding, and overhead components, seat components of back shells and pull down trays. Innovation (or innovative process) developed in the railway field: epsotech offers halogen free extruded polymer sheet and compound compliant to EN 45545-2, for the railway sector with a range of different properties, depending on the service duty and application.


Innovation :  Our polycarbonate product is a non-halogen single or multi-layer extruded sheet made from Polycarbonate, with excellent impact properties, available in various colours and textures.  This product has been assessed according to EN 45545-2 R1 HL2 applications. Our Polypropylene products are available as extruded sheets or injection moulding compound. These products are non-halogen, they also have exceptional low heat release, smoke density and toxicity properties.  They are easy to process, have excellent rigidity and a matt surface aspect.  Sheets are compliant to EN 45545-2 R6 HL3 and compound up to R6 HL2, or up to R21 HL3 on request.




ES Modules & Computer Systems will present at the Transrail days, its products and services offer dedicated to rail embedded : Panoramic screens 16/3 certified EN50155, dedicated to passenger information (bus line), Litemax - Rugged embedded systems for video recorder application and / or information processing, Aaeon Technology  - Flash compatible flash storage systems, Innodisk - EN50155 standardized railway switches, O'ring Network - Wifi / 4G and future 5G communication gateways, WLINK - Panasonic hardened tablets and PDAs, Toughbook range. 


Innovation :  With our partner Litemax, we will present the first panel pc dedicated to traveler information: Panel PC 28 '' 1920x357 full IP65 with Intel 6th generation processor - M12 connector - Extended operating temperature: -25 ° C; + 55 ° C - Tempered glass 3 mm front IK8 (option IK10 available) - Wide input voltage (24Vdc, 36Vdc, 48Vdc, 72Vdc, 96Vdc, 110Vdc)



At Ermeo, we are in daily contact with many industrial companies, in various sectors, to help them achieve operational excellence by standardizing their business processes while creating more collaboration between their teams and with their ecosystem. Our web and mobile solution, the Connected Operator Platform, is used to perform multiple use cases such as preventative maintenance operations management, assets listing and status monitoring or also controls and audits management. From improving field operator security to increasing productivity, data quality and value, our solution enables our customers to solve their main challenges, from the simplest to the most complex.

Innovation : Connected Operator Platform.




Eurotech is one of the worldwide leaders in embedded and IoT platforms for the public and commercial transport market. The company develops a wide range of EN50155 and EN45545 certified systems and subsystems designed to exceed the requirements of mobile IT infrastructures like vehicle control and location tracking applications, public announcement and passenger information systems, passenger counting, fleet management and security/surveillance systems. Eurotech products are equipped extremely rugged enclosures and connectors that make them suitable for any application where consistent performance and reliability are a must. 

Innovation : Onboard MVB Multi-service IoT Edge Gateway designed to enable Monitoring and Management applications on Rolling Stock and seamless integration with Cloud services. Smart Telediagnotics becomes therefore tremendously easy to install, and immediately operational thanks to an intuitive configuration interface. The operator gets the capability to manage his whole fleet in real-time, and take the extreme advantage of an advanced Edge processing, remotely manageable.




Start-up specialized in AI and Big Data, Ezako develops the Upalgo solution which understand the patterns and detect anomalies in the data which are warning signs of problems, with Deep Learning technologies. Upalgo can be used for validation, non-regression testing and health monitoring of products.




GRANDO designs, manufactures and commercializes technical articles in foam, rubber, composites materials and thermoplastics since more than 70 years. For the last 20 years, GRANDO’s engineers and material scientists have been developing new self-extinguishing materials with low smoke toxicity dedicated to the INDUSTRY & TRANSPORTATION. Our materials are certified according to most international norms such as the NF, DIN, BS, ASTM C542/E662, EN 45-545, UNI CEI 11170-3.  Over the years, GRANDO has been recognized as a worldwide supplier of major industrial manufacturers like Hitachi, Bombardier, ALSTOM, Faiveley, Siemens, Thales, Caterpilar, Fiat-CNH, AGC, Saint-Gobin, Donaldsonand, General Electric, SNCF, SNCB, RATP...




Since 2007 Halgand has been providing the RAIL Industry with machined parts and welded sub-assemblies. ISO9001 & EN 15085/2 accreditations guaranty a high level of reliability and efficiency


Innovation : Global project management on 6 companies for the supply of the "TGV bar wagon" , Study-Calculation-Development-Model-Realization ; Delivery of a turnkey product, without constraint for the customer.




HARTING is emerging as a market leader in industrial and electronic connectivity and has recently introduced RFID solutions and applications aimed at the industry of the future.

Innovation : We provide connectivity solutions for transmitting data, signals and power in railway technology. Ethernet backbones and data infrastructures (e.g. for sensors and passenger information systems) are just some of the possible applications.




Worldwide leader in surface engineering, HEF group is able to offer its customers, either major OEM or small SME, an overall performance going from research lab to operating treatment processes in its jobbing units. HEF group is also able to supply friction components, to work on industrial development and to be a partner for technologies transfer. To reach this goal, HEF group relies on the strength and complementarity of its networks HEF DURFERRIT and Techniques Surfaces, located in more than 20 countries. The key competencies of HEF group are as follows: PVD-PECVD vacuum coatings - Thermochemical treatments - Bushings and joints.  HEF group is today a key player in surface treatment ; its control of all processes allow HEF group to meet all the needs, from the unit part to automotive-scale productions, with coatings adapted to the needs of its customers, coming from various sectors such as oil & gas, aeronautics, medical… Along these key competencies, HEF Group is able to propose other treatment (phosphatizing, technical polymer coating, thermal projection…), either on small or big parts.




INOVELEC group supports innovative companies in their electronic and electrical projects, from studies to the manufacture of embedded and communicating systems for critical environments. Our services : Design, Studies, PCB Routing, Electrical Schematics, test benches (CIR and CII approvals) - Industrialization according to the DFX methodology -  Prototyping in short time (INOVELEC PROTOLAB unit is a Business Unit 100% dedicated to prototypes) - Production in small and medium series - Wired cabling, integration of cabinets, desks, rack, racks: wires, cables, harnesses, harness, test straps, …



Design and manufacture of interconnected industrial equipment. Intitek for Manufacturing is involved in many industrial digitization projects. The expertise of our IoT cell in LoRaWAN / SIGFOX technologies (among others) allows us to support projects from Electronic & Software design to the manufacturing and integration of global connected solutions. The sectors in which we operate are very varied: Rail / Automotive / Household Appliances / Industrial Maintenance.

Innovation : Development of interconnected measuring equipment for predictive maintenance.



LINSINGER has a tradition of more than 70 years as a global leader for milling and sawing technology. We stand for enduring quality and outstanding productivity. Years of experience, competent employees and latest technologies permit us, together with our customers, to achieve excellent results. In order to keep this process and the operational malfunctions as low-key as possible, LINSINGER has developed mobile rail milling machines that enable fast rail head reprofiling and minimise traffic discruption. All LINSINGER rail milling machines are individually suitable for use on mainline railways, suburban trains, underground trains, trams and private railways as well as for line rails, switches, level crossings and tunnels.


m+p international is known as a worldwide provider of high-quality test and measurement solutions. Today m+p international develops and manufactures test and measurement systems for vibration testing, dynamic signal analysis, data acquisition, process monitoring and test stand engineering.



MINILAMPE designs, manufactures and supplies lighting custom-made solutions that meet railways standards. We offer plug & play LED solutions, LED retrofit, smartlighting serving the predictive maintenance and moodlighting, solutions to obsolescence.

Innovation : Smartlighting serving the predictive maintenance : these smart lighting enable to identify the light function failures or retrace the usage time information of each lighting system via RF link to anticipate maintenance operations.
Moodlighting : Mood lighting is colour changing light and variation of luminous intensity.




MIOS designs, develops and maintains complete, interoperable and evolutive solutions in the fields of IT and IoT. Our experts want you to communicate your equipment and infrastructure with a high level of security. We design with you the solution adapted to your requirements. We accompany you throughout your project, from the measurement report to the analysis and the valuation of your data.




Moxa develops reliable network solutions that enable devices to connect, communicate, and collaborate with systems, processes, and people. Our experience in connectivity for industrial automation enables us to optimize communication and collaboration between systems, processes, and people. In the rail industry, Moxa offers onboard networking and computing solutions (wired and wireless devices, computing equipment, and I/O controllers),  Train-to-Ground wireless communication solutions (bi-directional communication) and Wayside networking and controller solutions to collect and transmit data back to the control center. 



Obsam offers an obsolescence monitoring, namely preventive, proactive and predictive. Obsam transmits for each item obsolescence status, or LBO, alternates, sustainability on supply, Reach status and ROHS and other required criteria. This information is transmitted with certificates from the original manufacturers. An alert in case of obsolescence is sent within 48 hours. Obsam ensures the serenity of the programs from the R&D to the MCO.



Design and Manufacture of optical measurement systems intergating acquisition and image processing by Artificial Intelligence. R&D Vision has been developing specific systems for 18 years in all industrial sectors and for various problems: 3D reconstruction, detection of defects (deformation, cracks, wear, ...), highspeed video, object and character recognition, metrology laser, IR thermography, ... In the railway sector, we are present at SNCF, Eurotunnel, RATP, Alstom, Siemens, ... on maintenance support systems and the detection of defects in real time.

Innovation : Development of custom built-in embedded systems or trackside systems for catenary inspection (detection of equipment defects, thermal analysis, geometry, ...), the analysis of the track and the civil engineering (missing fasteners, infiltration of water, ...) and the control of the rolling stock (wear of parts, clamping screws, ...). Our systems are specifically designed to meet the requirements of our customers' specifications, taking into account the issues related to measurement, the environment and the normative aspect.



Radiall is a global manufacturer of leading-edge interconnect solutions in the Railway market. The product range of connectors are designed for harsh environments (rolling stock, signaling and infrastructures). The range includes innovative multi signal I/O solutions for optical, high speed data signal such as Cat.7, MVB, Ethernet, Power or RF coaxial. Radiall Has sales worldwide offices.


Innovation : Interconnect solution with IoT.



As a specialist in the production of compression, torsion, tension and form springs for 30 years, the company offers a wide range of springs from 0.1 to 14 mm in diameter, from repairs to large series production runs. Its production facility, with a total area of 1,500 m², is equipped with an advanced machine park, a quality centre and a space dedicated to grinding, blasting and surface finishing.  Services : springs, flat and spiral springs, metal wire working.



Electromechanical equipment manufacturer and industrial integrator for the railway sector : Electrical distribution switchboards (type TGBT, MCC / PCC), Command Control Panel, Automation Panel, VSD Panel, Process Panel, …



Our singular focus on automation means we have unparalleled expertise. Unlike our competitors, our team of builders and innovators are focused solely on creating a better and broader set of automation products, software and solutions. Our automation expertise is deep, built upon decades of experience. As a result, we know how to work with businesses to translate the deluge of information into useful, actionable insights. Our work creates a more productive Connected Enterprise. Our offer includes : Logix (the only control platform that performs discrete, hybrid and process applications in a single hardware and software environment), visualization & scalable analytics software, secure EtherNet/IP® network infrastructure, safety products and systems / cybersecurity, intelligent motor control products and systems and a full range of automation systems and smart components.



SAB Industries is a solution provider for fluid transfer. SAB Industries co-designs and manufactures solutions for its customers :  bent tubes, connectors and connectors crimped or formed at the tubes ends, the assembly of components by brazing or welding and plastic overmolding. We design and produce complex tubular solutions and deliver large, medium and small series worldwide. Our technical team can provide solutions related to your fluid transfer and sealing issues, particularly in engine environments. SAB INDUSTRIES has more than 50 years of experience as a supplier to the automotive and transportation industries.

Innovation : SAB Industries propose tubular solutions for the transport of hydrogen between the storage and the fuel cell on vehicles.



Staged every two years since 1999, SIFER, France’s premier international rail industry trade exhibition, brings together stakeholders from across all market sectors: major industry contractors, equipment manufacturers, suppliers and sub-contractors, public transport authorities and operators meet face-to-face, exchange ideas and create business opportunities. 443 exhibitors from 20 countries and 5,400 qualified visitors from 46 countries participated in 2019. See you in Lille, 30 March-1 April 2021, for the 12th edition!


Savoy International is an automotive tier 1 equipment manufacturer. Activities are divided into 3 divisions : molding injection, additive manufacturing, mechatronics solutions. Savoy International is involved in 4.0 industry. The company will present its knw-how in Plastic injection and Additive Manufacturing. 

Innovation : Metal Hybrid 3D printer Machine coupled with a Milling system for printing parts and complex mechanical elements with a high surface finition by combination of sintering and machining. That allow us to optimize and reduce the standard production steps. Material used: Steel - Aluminium - Stainless - Titane.  Printer 3D HP Fusion 4210 to manufacture in plastic raw material PA12 for pre-series and small production of parts.



Engineering in mobility systems, SECA works on all the stages of the projects: AMO, MOE, design and technical studies, sitework, supplies, tests and commissioning. Specialized in the systems of railway signaling, our teams work on railway SNCF, metro and lightrail systems: engineering, control tables, wiring diagram, tests and commissioning, operation and maintenance service, training, PLC, …

Innovation : SECA carries out engineering design and development of several products: simulation and supervision software without license, embedded telemetry products and remote maintenance solutions.



SME which designs and commercializes laser-based electro-optical systems. We are focused on two main product range : OEM Laser Rangefinders integrated in optronic solutions (Electro-Optical Multifunction System, Fire Control System, binoculars, etc.) for Defence and Security applications and 2D & 3D LiDAR systems embedded in real time obstacle detection and enhanced navigation solutions for Autonomous Systems applications (UAV/UGV/USV).

Innovation : Sensor for obstacle detection.



Expert in on-board solutions for rail transport for over 60 years, SESALY, designs and manufactures lighting and audible signalling solutions to provide comfort a security in railway world. SESALY supplies custom-made railway solutions such as interior and exterior lighting, lighting signatures, signalling lights, audible warnings, power distribution equipments (USB or 230 V sockets), ...

Innovation : Design & production of custom-made lighting signatures.



Siemens Digital Industries Software is driving transformation to enable a digital enterprise where engineering, manufacturing and electronics design meet tomorrow. Our solutions help companies of all sizes create and leverage digital twins that provide organizations with new insights, opportunities and levels of automation to drive innovation.

Innovation : Mechatronic systems are becoming predominant in the railway industry. The resulting complexity of electrical architectures requires a rethinking of the development and operation of new rail systems. IoT and predictive maintenance must be based on comprehensive digital models (digital twins) that can be reused in operational conditions. Siemens Digital Industries Software, through its software and industrial expertise (including rail) is fully in line with these new challenges by offering, through its portfolio of solutions, the ability to innovate, control and supervise railway systems and architectures. 



Stilog is a global software editing company based in France. Created in 1991, Stilog IST develops innovative solutions, using the most recent technologies available. We acquired expertise through the development of time-saving applications for the largest international organizations. This expertise is today reflected in the realization of tailor-made IT projects and in the development of Visual Planning, a collaborative scheduling platform for all kinds of businesses.



STIMIO is a IoT specialist for the railway industry (trains, tramways, subways). We provide solutions for connecting rolling stock (doors, air conditioning, pantograph, brake systems...) as well as infrastructure (rail temperature, catenary tension and freeze detection, signaling cable Isolation drift monitoring , ...). Our solutions operate on trains, tramways and subway.

Innovation : Wide range of products that are railway certified (rolling stock, infrastructure) - Development of tailormade products for specific needs. 



Stratasys is a global leader in additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology and is the manufacturer of FDM® and PolyJet™ 3D Printers. The company’s technologies are used to create prototypes, manufacturing tools, and production parts for industries, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, consumer products and education. For 30 years, Stratasys products have helped manufacturers reduce product-development time, cost, and time-to-market, as well as reduce or eliminate tooling costs and improve product quality. The Stratasys 3D printing ecosystem of solutions and expertise includes: 3D printers, materials, software, expert services, and on-demand parts production. Corporate Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota and Rehovot, Israel. 

Innovation : New, high-performance materials, including Stratasys Antero 800 NA, a PEKK-based thermoplastic, have now been tested to demonstrate they are capable of achieving compliance to the Rail Standard EN45545-2.



Stratiforme Compreforme Group designs and produces composite material parts in various industrial sectors such as Defense, Railways and Medical. We are also specialized in the integration of equipment (windshield bonding, cabling, assembly…). Thanks to its Technical Centre, Stratiforme Compreforme designs composite solutions, qualifies new products in its Laboratory, and manufactures complex systems at its production sites located throughout the world. Our Co Design proposal makes it possible to optimize costs in advance of the phase. In particular, we focus on mass saving needs by maintaining high mechanical strength, while integrating additional functions such as heating, fire resistance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, anti-slip effects and electrical leakage lines.

Innovation : Composite Catenary cantiler & Specific panel Isolaform (thermal insulation, soundproofing, Fire resistance, …).



STYLE AND DESIGN GROUP assists its customers in the transport industry on their entire design development process. STYLE & DESIGN and E-NODEV’s unique value chain integrates industrial design with onboard mechatronics in the development of models and prototypes boasting the highest level of advanced functionalities integration.



Our core business is the tack welding and industrial boiler by shaping sheet metals and profiles. TECHNI INDUSTRIE is a major player in the field of railway freight manufacture. This «unrivalled » experience has enabled us to acquire unique expertise in railway freight design, manufacture, product support and assessment. It stands out through the expertise and know-how it brings to this type of complex activity: the construction of structural and component parts for wagons (bogies, wagon bodies, rolling stock, etc.)

Innovation : FLEXI-DIRECTIONNEL BOGIE - Rail friendly = lighter, quieter, optimized maintenance.



With more than 25 years of experience and already more than 14,000 works processed in France, URETEK® is now positioned as "The Reference" in expansive resin injection for soil consolidation. By combining our skills, we have been able to point several resin injection protocols that respond perfectly to all issues whether it is a single house or a large industrial project.




Vokkero, radio communication system, for improving decision-making in a fraught environment. Vokkero develops wireless radio systems capable of meeting the challenges of your business: industrial headset for the confidentiality of your communications, the safety of your teams, optimization of your interventions… and available with a large range of headset for industry. Communication systems allow several users to createa an instant, permanent and secure audio conference. A hands-free system, it requires no fixed relay. They can be used easily, intuitively and economically as they help to improve decision-making

Innovation : Vokkero offers 2 ready-to-use communicating cases, Alpha and Optimum, configured for a team of 2 to 4 agents for basic operations but also for more complex operations such as those requiring the use of dust mask, no helmet, etc. The combination of cases allows the creation of teams of more than 4 operators. Vokkero technology allows you to create an instant, permanent and secure audio conference: the full duplex. While offering a high quality of communication thanks to a patented noise filter



WEVO-CHEMIE GmbH are specialists in casting, bonding and sealing. Customized resin systems from Wevo for electrical and electronic components have become indispensable in the railway, automotive, energy, household and engineering sectors. In short, Wevo products ensure safety and efficiency.



YUKI Précision SAS is the French subsidiary company of YUKI Precision Co., Ltd. (Chigasaki, Japan), specialised in high precision machining and mechanical engineering for diverse industries. In our global network, we can also introduce high precision decorative molding, as well as the added-value hydraulic parts manufacturing.

Innovation : Micro-turning, prototype & small.medium batches, Titanium/Inconel/Stainless Steel machining, Complex machining, short LT.