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26 & 27 NOVEMBER 2019 | PARIS  (Pavillon Dauphine)

6th edition of the international meetings dedicated to railway & urban mobility


The list of exhibitors in 2019 is in progress and will be soon available.




Activity : 21net is the railway industry’s leading provider of onboard Internet, passenger infotainment and real-time monitoring solutions. Its comprehensive railway telematics offering combines state-of-the-art onboard equipment with secure off-board infrastructure and advanced software to enable rail operators delivery of passenger connectivity. The company’s vendor-agnostic solution is known for its unique ability to efficiently aggregate any available backhaul — from traditional terrestrial networks and satellite — through highly innovative compact and modular products that deliver unparalleled performance and simplify maintenance operations. This scalable and secure solution can be monitored through 21net’s centralized network management platform designed to offer carrier-grade system provisioning, fault management and end-to-end performance monitoring services.

Innovation : Onboard Internet, passenger infotainment and real-time monitoring solutions, track record on high speed trains.




Activity : 2CRSI is a new class of hardware manufacturer that does true differentiation, providing innovation and optimization for performance, density and efficiency. 2CRSI designs and manufactures storage systems, servers for high-performance computing (HPC), and embedded server cluster. We are actors in the world of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Our customers are major manufacturers, hosting & Internet service providers, software vendors as well as universities. We offer standard and custom made solutions, from a server to a global infrastructure. Among our customized solutions and bespoke designs, we offer a range of embedded servers and mobile server cluster used in the railway sector. 

Innovation : OEM - Mini Xeon Servers IEC, OEM - 1U - Embedded fan-less Xeon Servers. 




Activity : ACOUPHEN is Consultancy Company specialized in acoustics and vibrations especially for railway transportation : Noise risk assessment along urban railways or suburban railways (Classical or high Speed Railway Networks - Calculation and Design of acoustic screens along urban or suburban railways - Assessment of ground vibrations and building vibrations along tramway lines or above subway lines - Specific acoustic measurements according to ISO 3095 (outside train noise) and ISO 3381 (Inside train noise) - Vibration impact assessment of light rail (tramway), underground train (metro), fast train, freight train and railway construction. Our study aims at taking into account the ground characteristics using MASW method, different kind of rolling stock, and the design of the vibrating building with dedicated numerical tools (SIPROVIB, MEFISSTO). The design of solution is in our field of expertise as well with solution for the building, for the transmission path or for the railway platform.

Innovation : Ground characterization using non-destructive method like MASW active and passive - Development of numerical tools for the determination of the railway vibration impact assessment (SIPROVIB) with parametric rolling stock and railway platform.




Activity : AKKA Technologies is a European Engineering and Technology Consulting Group that supports large manufacturing and tertiary services companies, seeing their projects through from the initial studies and R&D to large-scale production. AKKA Technologies is an expert in various complementary business lines, and brings real value added to customers in sectors including aerospace, automotive, space/defence, cybersecurity, consumer electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, energy, rail, marine and service industries. Leader in the automotive and aerospace sectors in Germany and France, AKKA Technologies works worldwide on projects at the forefront of technology thanks to the mobility of its teams and its international positioning. 

Innovation : QUASPER (QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION OF PERCEPTION SYSTEMS): QUALIFYING ONBOARD SENSORS FOR SAFETY: In the field of rail and road infrastructure, the need for safety is reflected in the deployment of surveillance systems including several hundred vision sensors associated to image processing algorithms. The Quasper R&D project made it possible to define all the elements of procedures, standards, processes, and means for the realization of a testing and qualification center for sensors. This center should include static benches for video surveillance equipment and dynamic benches for on-board sensors testing on vehicles. 




Activity : As a world leader in engineering and technology consulting, ALTEN carries out research and developmental conception projects for leading companies in the industrial, telecommunications and services sectors around the world. As an actor involved in the railway sector, ALTEN supports its customers in all its fields: Rolling Stock, Infrastructure and Systems (Signaling, operational assistance & traveler information systems, Passenger Services, etc.). Starting from the conception, to the homologation/certification, through the development, integration and validation, Alten deploys several levels of offers, from technological consulting to the structured projects management, thanks to its teams of dedicated engineers specialized in a railway sector. The digitalization of signaling systems, improvement of the on-board connectivity and production optimization make from Alten a trustful partner for its customers (Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens, SNCF, RATP…).




Activity : ANSYS develops, markets and supports engineering simulation software used to foresee how product designs will behave and how manufacturing processes will operate in real-world environments. We continually advance simulation solutions by, first, developing or acquiring the very best technology; then integrating it into a unified and customizable simulation platform that allows engineers to efficiently perform complex simulations involving the interaction of multiple physics; and, finally, providing system services to manage simulation processes and data — all so engineers and product developers can spend more time designing and improving products and less time using software and searching for data. We are simulation software publisher in the fields: mechanical, plastics, composite, fluid dynamics (flow, aerodynamics, compressors, engines, ...), electronic (card, Integrated Circuits, antennas, ...), electromagnetism (EMC, HF and LF, ...) and embedded systems.




Activity : APlus Système Automation is now one of the leaders in the French industrial IT sector. We are able to design, develop and market comprehensive solutions, adapted to the most diverse constraints. Our product range : Panel PC & Industrial PC, Rugged servers and workstations, Embedded computers railway certified, Intelligent Communications Cards, Industrial network solutions (Switch, router, wifi access point) railway certified, Digital signage, …




Activity : Assystem is an international engineering consulting company with 50 years’ experience of highly secure and regulated industrial environments. With more than 12,000 people worldwide, Assystem supports its clients in developing their products and managing their capital expenditure throughout the product life cycle. In the railway sector, Assystem experts support stakeholders through their strong vertical skills in project management and systems integration across all phases of definition and design of their projects and also in the operation and maintenance of equipment. Our teams design and integrate complex systems in signaling and control and communication systems for public transport, as well as systems for assisting operations and passengers. Controlling operational safety and cyber security are core capabilities that enable us to ensure these systems are fully prepared to face the security and safety issues that have become increasingly crucial.

Innovation : Outsourcing of signaling studies for the SNCF.




Activity : Asygn is Connected sensors electronics specialist, we do electronic systems and tools for the MEMS, imaging and RF industry : Semi-custom products model, Design services, Own products portfolio, Integrated Circuit design, Breadboard design, Simulation, Verification, Modelling, Package design, Back-end, …




Activity : Atherm is specialized in thermal management and proposes its expertise in thermal-fluidic-mechanical studies, in the production of specific cooling systems (mainly for power, embedded, confined electronics) on specifications. We are manufacturer of gravity and anti gravity heat. We offer heat-pipe subassemblies made in-house as well as cold plates of different technologies (vacuum brazed, friction stir welding-FSW) and other technologies and processes (3D printing ...). We also manufacture high-power electrical heating elements for the non-ferrous metals industry.

We bring our thermal expertise both in studies and in realization of mockup, prototypes, pre-production and industrialization up to the series of customized cooling systems.

Innovation : After extensive work on technological bricks such as wall-cold or wind-speed systems, or high-voltage coolers, we work now on cold plates made by FSW, allowing us to achieve a higher tightness reliability than by vacuum brazing at significant lower cost.




Activity : SME specialized in the superplastic forming of parts in aluminum alloys and titanium alloys. Its services include tool design, process simulation, tooling and parts forming. Aurock also carries out simulation of  forming processes for various types of materials (metallic, ceramic, polymers ...) and thermomechanical sizing of structure. These simulations make it possible to develop the process parameters or to understand an already problematic process.




Activity : Axis is the market leader in network video. We invented the world’s first network camera back in 1996 and we’ve been innovators in video surveillance ever since, increasing the security of millions of people worldwide and helping to meet the growing need for a smarter, safer world. New possibilities in transportation environments : many authorities and companies have already discovered the benefits of Axis' unique transportation offering. It brings them crystal clear images, both in real-time and recordings. Video analytics solutions for creating metadata used to: site security (intrusion detection, perimeter protection of sites, recognition of abandoned parcels, etc.), transport operation (automatic detection of trains, vehicles, access control by Licence Plate recognition,  counting of passengers on platforms, in the train or busses, etc.) and marketing studies (counting, heat mapping, ...).




Activity : Global leader in conformity assessment and certification in the fields of Quality, Hygiene / Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility. Bureau Veritas provides a wide range of services covering the whole lifecycle of projects in the railway sector (from the design phase to the operational phase) and on all modes of transport (urban: tramway and metro) and (high-speed line: TGV). Our main vocation: quality and safety of railway systems, compliance with the supervisory authorities' requirements, and hygiene, safety and environment consulting for construction sites as well as for systems in operation.

Innovation : Cybersecurity Guidelines for Software Development & Assessment. Bureau Veritas has published a technical guide of good practices in this field which can be downloaded for free on the website.




Activity : European leader in maintenance management and asset management solutions.  CARL Software provides a software package dedicated to the management of rolling stock (buses, metros, trams, trains ...) and fixed installations (buildings, depots, rails, catenaries, bus shelters, power stations, escalators, access gates, wash tunnels, etc.). CARL Source Transport is an all-in-one tool for managing your fleet, with the aim of taking care of all the processes associated with maintenance management: heritage, financial, regulatory, qualities, energies, plans and geo-location, ...

Innovation :

CARL Flash,  application which allows employees in the field (drivers ...) to easily raise problems to the PCC (dematerialized event log records). CARL Flash can also be used by citizens to get in touch with technical services when they notice a degradation of any kind (street furniture...), or the malfunction of an equipment they are using (distributor of tickets,…).


With CARL Maps, the management of linear assets finally finds a suitable response to specific monitoring of railway tracks. Directly integrated into CARL Source, objects are visible in their "natural" graphic repositories. Through personalized selections, it becomes easy to obtain for a given section the history of the work, the future programming of works, technical analyzes on the observed failures etc.




Activity : CARTO is the platform for turning location data into business outcomes. CARTO’s open cloud platform offers visual insights on where things happen, why they happen, and predict what will happen in the future. We accelerate innovation, find efficiencies, power new use cases, and disrupt business models through the use of Location Intelligence.




Activity : CEA-LETI, the Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology is operated by Direction de la Recherche Technologique at CEA, the French Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission. It mainly aims at helping companies to increase their competitiveness through technological innovation and transfer of its technical know-how to industry.  Cea Tech Leti is proposing for industrial partners development platforms on Internet of Things, mainly considering the following aspects: sensors, actuators, telecommunications and energy management systems.




Activity : One of three institutes which comprise CEA Tech, the List institute is committed to technological innovation in digital systems. Its R&D activities - driven by major economic, societal and industrial challenges - encompass four main themes: advanced manufacturing; embedded systems; ambient intelligence; and healthcare, including radiotherapy and imaging technologies. List Institute is fully integrated into a local and national particularly dynamic ecosystem through strategic academic, institutional and industrial partnerships. In order to maintain the best level internationally in its fields of activity List institute is also involved in more than 200 European collaborative projects, collaborates with leading foreign academic laboratories and conducts research activities at an international level, especially in the USA.





Activity : CELDUC RELAIS specializes in electrical engineering and electronics and controls the complete chain design, development, production, testing and marketing. CELDUC offer includes relays and contactors, proportional controllers, temperature controller, soft starter and reversing switches for motor control.

Innovation : DC solid state relays 50A/1700Vdc for Heating - Current monitoring module for load's diagnostic - Proportional controller for ventilation control - relays for air conditioning.




Activity : The COMSOL Group provides software solutions for multiphysics modeling. We are a fast growing high tech engineering software company with a proven track record and a vision as a leader of the industry. Suite of discipline-specific add-on modules for Structural Mechanics, High and Low Frequency Electromagnetics, Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, Chemical Reactions, MEMS, Acoustics, and more. We have added LiveLink products for CAD software, MATLAB®, and Excel® that deliver a seamless integration between COMSOL Multiphysics simulations and CAD packages, MATLAB and Excel. 




Activity : CREPIM is one of the major European Laboratories for development and the approval of materials covered by fire regulations. CREPIM develops, tests and certifies the fire performances of materials and assemblies for all concerned areas featuring the mass transportation sectors (railways, aircrafts and boats), in the building, electrical, and textile sectors. Recognized by CERTIFER (SNCF/RATP) and accredited by the COFRAC, CREPIM edits test report in accordance with the NF F 16-101, NF F 16-102 and EN 45545-2 standards and give you a direct access to the French and European railway market.




Activity : CTIF is a French R&D and innovation center specialized in foundry, additive manufacturing, refining and recycling of materials and metal products. At the heart of the material transformation chain, it constantly works to link applied research to the industrial world. Development of tailor-made alloys, reduction of structures, feasibility studies, design support, characterization / expertise of materials, drafting of specifications, procurement, prototyping ...

Innovation : Structure lattices ("metallic foams") - Conversion of mechanically welded assemblies into a single foundry part - Analysis of DTRF of foundry parts and FA - Feasibility study and design of parts in additive manufacturing.




Activity : The DEFAMETAL SRE GROUP specializes in the fields of boiler making, welding and metal processing. Our qualifications (220 QMOS, EN and ASME) allow us to produce internally and to realize on site maintenance. Our equipment: oxygen cutting (6000 * 2000), folding machines (3500), plasma, TTH furnace (5000 * 2300 * 3000), shot blasting (6 m) T, TIG welding MIG MAG, Rolling (3 m), machining, allow us to realize (quickly) individual parts and small and medium series in full autonomy.




Activity : dSPACE is the leading supplier of tools for the design, development and test of embedded mechatronic systems. dSPACE has been an important precursor of Model Based Development (MBD) approach and offers nowadays a very complete toolchain for the production of a real-time function prototypes directly from the model. Our toolchain makes is possible to generate an embedded code and program real time test benches also directly from the model. dSPACE tools are widely used for the development of ECUs in the transport sector, particularly in the automotive, aerospace and railway fields.

Innovation : Save time for development - Begin testing early in development - Save time for testing - Easily replay tests - Testing critical situations without danger.




Activity : As a partner of the major railway manufacturers and equipment manufacturers, ECM is involved in the development of rolling stock and in numerous railway infrastructure programs in France and abroad. ECM is also involved in train evolution studies. For future projects, ECM is involved in R&D through the adaptation of its offer on lightening railway structures. For new programs, ECM is positioning itself on the design of complex functions, such as interior design, geometry, sliding door system design or the adaptation of passenger seating solutions to meet new ergonomics or capacity requirements.




Activity : Over the last 40 years, ECRIN Systems has built its development around three activities to become one of the major embedded electronics players in the French and European market: Research, design and production of ECRIN “Ready to Application” pre-qualified COTS Systems thanks to its in house R & D department - Engineering and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services - COTS building blocks and system integration based on OPEN standard form factors. This triple competence makes ECRIN Systems a unique partner in the Embedded market, with high innovation potential and strong expertise. Main contractors, manufacturers and industrials approve of ECRIN Systems which pays particular attention to designing and providing inovative and robust systems that meet the most demanding requirements.




Activity : EFS develops and manufactures technical products based on electronics, mechanics, optics and software. In link with these know-how, EFS has developped  dedicated temperature sensor to survey medium voltage equipment (up to 100 kV).  EFS works in partnership with SNEF to provide radio equipment for individual protection of SNCF personal in train assembly and is subcontractor of ALSTOM for wiring test cabinet.EFS has also developped LED drivers for TGV wagons.  The company is able to realize any solution on specification which is focused on communicating and autonomous mechatronics.




Activity : EKE-Electronics is based in Finland and operates for more than 30 years in the railway industry. We work globally with major rolling stock manufacturer and operators, for both new trains and refurbishment projects. We develop onboard electronics for system integration, train automation, onboard safety and communication within the train and beyond. We also provide remote condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions. Our solutions include: onboard systems such as Gateways, Ethernet Routers and Switches, Train Control and Management Systems, Vehicle Control Units  and Remote Input/Output Modules  for system integration and train automation - Remote Condition Monitoring System (RCMS) including Predictive maintenance solutions - Train Event Recorders - Safety applications up to SIL-2 (Safety Integrity Level) such as ASDO (Automatic Selective Door Operation) or the monitoring of bearing temperature.Regarding our onboard electronics, we can provide a wide range of interfaces, input/output and wireless communication technologies.




Activity : French manufacturer specialized in equipment for ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing. Products: probes, wedges, calibration blocks, systems/scanners, flaw detectors, rail control system.

For rail industry, EKOSCAN supplies equipments and services for the non-destructive testing by ultrasounds of rails and railroad infrastructures. Development of specific and innovative methods to answer your problems of control.

Innovation : Ekorail4, simultaneaous auscultation system of both rails of a railroad.




Activity : Company specialized in designing and developing electronic technologies, for command, control and regulation equipment through designing, engineering and manufacturing services (ODM/EMS), integrated with the creation of custom components and PCB manufacturing... Elemaster Group is the leading EMS partner in the railway sector in Europe and one of the most important worldwide. As a leading partner for the major international players, Elemaster Group offers the highest level of service, IRIS certified. Main applications: On board trains controls / communication network, Security-Safety systems, Signalling solutions, Rolling stock equipment, Automated train stop stations, Maintenance services, …




Activity : Solution provider of hardware mobility solution for rugged and semi-rugged IT: supply of standard or specific hardware solutions (rugged connectors modification, ...) : customization, service, training, … Complete offer of rugged and semi-rugged NoteBook, TabletPC, Terminals for railway applications. ELEXO also offers mobile solutions for GSM-R and equipment for service and maintenance activities. Supply of standard or specific cables for railway maintenance.

Innovation : Rugged or Semi-Rugged supply of GSM-R solution - TabletPC solution supplier (from 7'' to 14'') dedicated for Maintenance and Service or for any type of RailWay applications - NoteBook solution Supplier (from 10'' to 15'') dedicated for Maintenance and Service or for any type of RailWay applications - High Product Stability (ELEXO is still able to provide units under Windows XP / Windows 7 - 32 bits).




Activity : The Emitech Group specializes in environmental testing: electromagnetic environment (radiofrequency, electromagnetic fields, indirect lightning, electrical tests) and physical environments (low, medium and high frequency vibrations, mechanics, climatic and physico-chemical, hydraulics, acoustics, reliability) . The Group tests, certifies (CE marking, e, E and export markets) and qualifies (specifications, specifications) products and installations for more performance and safety (safety of goods and people).




Activity : Ermeo creates a mobile solution to optimize industrial maintenance. Our web platform makes possible to easily and quickly configure mobile apps for the field. Our connectors with our clients IT systems automatically generate contents: maintenance forms, maintenance task lists, asset health in real time, asset inspection tours, interactive maintenance manuals etc. We make these collections of data work together so technicians in the field have everything at their fingertips to diagnose, solve, and prevent issues. We make their work easier and safer.  .

Innovation : We have created a web platform we want to be the pivot of all industrial IT solutions such as Asset Management Systems (eg, IBM Maximo, Dimo Maint), sensor-based databases (eg Osisoft, Oracle), etc. We leverage these collection of data on mobile to build a digital solution that technicians will always have in the palm of their hands. We thus develop connectors to the APIs of these IT solutions. Moreover, as our solution is a huge aggregator of data that we have working together, you can use the data to perform predictive maintenance.




Activity : ESI Group is a leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services. Specialist in material physics, ESI has developed a unique proficiency in helping industrial manufacturers replace physical prototypes by virtual prototypes, allowing them to virtually manufacture, assemble, test and pre-certify their future productsThe creation of Hybrid Virtual Twins, leveraging simulation, physics and data analytics, enables manufacturers to deliver smarter and connected products, to predict product performance and to anticipate maintenance needs.

Innovation : Virtual Seat Solution - Vibroacoustics (VA One) - Virtual reality (IC.IDO) - Virtual Performance Solution - Big Data Analytics - Virtual Manufacturing.




Activity : Eurodecision is specialized in business analytics (optimization, artificial intelligence and operations research). Its expertise: listen, understand, analyze and capitalize the company as well as external data to help managers make the best decisions. Eurodecision uses its skills in mathematical algorithms development, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, as well as machine learning. Eurodecision helps decision-makers of the rail transport sector by implementing operations research, business analytics and artificial intelligence methods and technics.

Innovation : Eurodecision has developed a genuine business expertise of the rail transport sector. Our team works on various subjects such as the transportation plan optimization, traffic operational management, rolling stock and drivers scheduling optimization, maintenance scheduling, demand forecast, revenue management...




Activity : Founded in 2010, Singularity Insight SAS  is a development company which specializes in connected devices (smartglasses, wearable devices, etc.). Having been a pioneer of development in this area for a long time, our core business is to develop and produce EXPERT TELEPORTATION with teams based in Paris, Bordeaux, Angouleme and Los Angeles. The company develops connected glasses to makes it possible to instantaneously connect with the right specialist and quickly make the correct diagnosis. In this way problems can be resolved using the right tools! To put it simply, it’s like having your entire technical team available around the clock. The engineer puts on the glasses and continues to work hands free, while the specialist remotely guides the engineer in real-time via an audio/video link. This lets the specialist see the situation as if they were actually present on-site.




Activity : FEV is a worldwide supplier for powertrain development and for test equipment. We develop state-of-the-art automation and simulation tools, in cooperation with major OEMs, including the aeronautic field. FEV designs engine or component for : Simulation, Engine testing, Engine component testing and Electrification: Batteries, Reducer, Electric motor, …

Innovation : xMOD, co-simulation and virtual experimentation Platform.




Activity : Company specialized in polyurethane elastomers : flat products and molded parts. FIMOR offers 4 products in the railway sector : Under Sleeper Pads for HSL and classic lines to reduce the maintenance (reduction of tamping by a factor 3) ; Anti-noise covers for ballast hopper wagons to reduce noise of 15 dB on site ; Envelopes for anti-vibration sleepers used on slab tracks ; Anti-shock parts and several types of chocks used in maintenance centers of SNCF and others : Wheel chocks, anti-drift chocks, protections for axles, etc.

Innovation : Every year, R&D is one of the priorities of FIMOR (between 3 and 10% of the turnover invested in the R&D each year). All the products presented are the result of the R&D work.




Activity : We are the world’s leading, independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions for large constructions, infrastructure and natural resources. We provide the technical data and information required to design, construct and maintain your structures and infrastructure in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.  Our RailData services enable track and associated assets to be recorded and analyzed with unprecedented accuracy, safety and efficiency. We provide the essential data required to improve the design, engineering and management of railway networks around the world. Key to this provision is minimizing or eliminating disruption to rail services and exposure to trackside risks. Using our train-mounted RILA Track and RILA 360 systems, we create a 3D virtual model of the entire railway corridor - including track, catenary, switches and crossings, cable runs, trackbed, earthworks and structures. This enables designers, engineers and maintenance crews to visualize, plan and execute works with far greater efficiency. 




Activity : GCF is a major actor and excels in the track construction and maintenance, construction and maintenance of overhead contact lines (construction of new railroads,  new high-speed / high capacity lines, new subway ans tram lines, renewal and ballast cleaning of tracks ans switches, maintenance, alignment, leveling and stabilization of rail track) and raiway electrification and signalling works (design, installation ans checking of electric traction lines, safety ans signalling systems, overhead contact lines for subway and tram transportation, railroad and urban traffic control systems). GCF has over 60 years of business and experience affirmed on the italian railroad market and become now more wide spread throughout seven over countries (France, Danmark, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Marocco, Turkey).

Innovation : innovative product developped and certified in partnership.




Activity : SEI is a studies, engineering and technical assistance office specialized in : Management & Project management  - Assistance to project management and follow-up of building sites - Structures & Metal frames Studies - Special Machines and Mechanics Studies - Electrics & Electrotechnical HT/BT - General Installation and piping -  Calculations, … We can carry out our studies in our offices or intervene directly at our customer’ site and provide, if necessary, the hardware and computer software (Autocad, Catia V5, Unigraphics, ProEng, SolidWork, …).



Activity : Expert in self-limiting heating cables, HEATSELF designs, manufactures and commercialized customized heating cable solutions for your electrical tracing and frost protection needs.Our heating wires and heating tapes offer intelligent products that adapt their own power consumption to meet the expected temperature or to maintain a temperature. HEATSELF is the only service provider in France with a research department exclusively dedicated to temperature control and frost protection technologies. We have equiped ourselves with an experimental laboratory to follow our integrated production unit. 


Innovation : Self limiting wire - Self limiting tape - Foil self limiting heater. 




Activity : HIKOB develops wireless, autonomous and multipoint acquisition systems to collect data however the environment conditions and addresses a fast developing market declined in numerous applications. HIKOB SENTINEL services offer you the opportunity to integrate the power and benefits of IoT technologies by developing innovative products and differentiating services and to better anticipate, maintain, operate your assets and make them last.

Innovation :

  • Wireless Clamping Force Measurement System.

  • Continuous and real-time monitoring system on the mobile "pantograph" asset.




Activity : By focusing on test and measurement productivity, imc Meßsysteme GmbH creates tools which empower engineers to efficiently deploy data acquisition systems and test strategies, thus, meeting the test and measurement challenges of development departments world-wide.Specializing in an integrated approach to physical test and measurement, imc solutions are well suited for mixed signal testing of complex mechanical and electromechanical systems.  For more than 20 years, imc Meßsysteme GmbH has been creating tailored products and solutions that meet these high demands of rail vehicle and train testing; from the development phase of a rail vehicle through prototype testing, performance acceptance tests, investigations for improvements and routine monitoring during operation, to tests performed on the tracks and other infrastructure

Innovation : SBB monitors Swiss railways with imc measurement systems - Measurement system on electrical part (catenary and pantograph) - Bogie measuring system.




Activity : R&D centre in production technologies, as laser applications (welding, additive manufacturing) robotic FSW (Friction Stir Welding) and industrial robots.  We accompany industrial companies to evaluate, test and integrate innovative technologies to increase competitiveness.

Innovation : FSW (Friction Stir Welding) on NC machine tool : 10 times cheaper - Additive manufacturing with wire + arc.




Activity : Intersec is a leading Fast Data Vendor, designing innovative platforms enabling companies to leverage their Data. Our disruptive technology crunches and consolidates huge amounts of data coming from heterogeneous network equipment and IT, and turns them into actionable insights in real-time.

Applications from the contextual Marketing to Geolocation Intelligence, Smart Cities, IoT and Business Analytics.




Activity : ISP SYSTEM is a comprehensive program in Precision Engineering. ISP SYTEM is specialized in Design and Manufacturing of high precision mechanic and mechatronic equipment’s. Providing highly innovative and custom solutions is our commitment. Our expertise in precision engineering helps us deliver solutions fitting customers' challenging applications. ISP System’s activity is based on 4 lines of products: Electric embedded actuators - Micro - Nano positioning & Opto – mechanics - High precision special machines & Robotics - Electrical medical devices. ISP System will bring innovative solutions to ease integration, maintenance and green performances of your solutions.

Innovation : Double shaft actuator, 500kg load capacity, 2 synchronized motions, integrated servo-loop electronic, IP66.




Activity : ISYBOT  is a French start-up from the CEA, France’s nuclear energy commission. The company designs collaborative B2B robots to assist operators in performing their tasks. Through agile automation, ISYBOT is at the heart of the industry 4.0, improving the productivity of manual operations while reducing painful for workers. ISYBOT offers an interactive solution that relieves the operator and increases his productivity.With a highly simplified and intuitive programming mode, the collaborative robot transforms the worker into a “COBOT’s Pilot” in less than two hours while retaining his responsibility for process expertise.

Innovation : COBOT project monitoring in 7 steps : 1. Identify Musculoskeletal Pain issues, often starting point for COBOT use - 2. Analyze of ISYBOT COBOT advantages for the task - 3. Analyze technical issues solved by COBOT - 4. Feasibility trials to confirm COBOT’s performances - 5. Perform risk analysis according COBOT uses in environment concerned - 6. Optimized Investment with acceptable ROI*, identifying existing MSD’s subventions - 7. Result: Improvement of working conditions and productivity.




Activity : French specialist in optoelectronic systems and custom optical cabling, in the world of telecom and industry in critical / severe environment, such as railway, aerospace, construction, Telecom (FTTH) , Oil & Gas, … Our areas of expertise and fields covered by Fiber Optics: transport of voice flows / image data,  supervision of fixed and moving infrastructures, testing & measurement, lighting of buildings and equipment.  Jenoptec offers a wide range of products dedicated to railways: sensors, measuring systems, connectors for harsh environments, reinforced FO cables, fiberization bundles for signaling,... R&D department accompanies you in your tomorrow's issues.

Innovation : Decreased energy consumption: we worked together with a prime contractor on the development of a fiber optic sensor. This sensor, which is fixed to the pad of the catenary of the motor, makes it possible to give in real time information on the electricity consumed and that which is restored during braking. The aim is to implement more efficient eco-driving programs. The driver will be able to have information on his consumption during his journeys and compare them to best practices.




Activity : Consulting technology firm whose activity is based both on a digital factory and a data lab. This dual competence allows us to intervene throughout the value chain of a digital realization, from the upstream phase (consulting / analysis data / modeling) downstream phase (realization of web and mobile platforms / maintenance). In the data field, we support our clients in scoring and predictive analysis (maintenance, supply chain, fraud) by exploiting machine learning and graphing techniques.  Our data lab supports customers such as SNCF Réseau, Colas Rail, EFFIA, VFD, Euro Cargo Rail (DB Schenker), Enedis, Schneider and PTC on digital transformation projects, including predictive maintenance and scoring.

Innovation : Predictive maintenance - data analysis - machine learning - artificial intelligence - scoring - graphmining - natural language processing - digital transformation.




Activity : Global leader in embedded computing technology, Kontron offers a combined portfolio of secure hardware, middleware and services for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. Kontron’s standards-based commercial off the shelf (COTS) and custom products offer transportation OEMs worldwide presence and experience. Kontron addresses the broadest range of modern, connected rolling-stock applications through easily customizable, EN50155 certified computer profiles, running on the TRACe product range family. Kontron also develops sysems for signalling and train control.

Innovation : Kontron TRACe LoRa-MQTT is an EN50155 fanless solution ready platform offering LoRa™ local network and transforming messages to MQTT streams. Designed for vehicles (Train, Metro, Tram, and Buses), the Kontron TRACe LoRa-MQTT embeds a LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) LoRa™ radio concentrator that can sustain 8 communication channels simultaneously and Ethernet connectivity from one of the 2x GbE front M12 X-Coded connector.




Activity : LASELEC is indisputably a leader in the world of new technologies and known worldwide as a specialist in lasers and electronics. LASELEC manufactures laser marking and stripping machines for cables as well as interactive harness assembly board.

Innovation : Automatic wire labeling and sorting process - Laser stripping which doesn't damage the core - Non-agressive laser marking for the cables.




Activity : Since 2009, MASTERIS (a company in the SNCF group) supports the various actors of the transport industry with the maintenance of their rolling stock and their engineering problem. Among the activities of MASTERIS: maintenance of locomotives: network of partner workshops France & Germany, mobile maintenance - industrial maintenance: renovation / overhaul of rolling stock, maintenance of spare parts - engineering & training. Areas of intervention : locomotives - passenger trains - metros, tramways - wagons (new).




Activity : MBD Design is a leading industrial design agency specialised in rolling stock. Our main customers are car builders and operators, that we accompany in the concept design of their rolling stock vehicles, be it new or refurbished.  We work on the shape of the rolling stock exterior for the front end and livery as well as on the interior layout and ergonomics. Our workscope include the seats, celing, lighting, bars, handles, draughtscreens, the choice of materials and colors. We can also supervise the manufacturing of mock-up and provide some 3D animation or VRED presentations. Among our main references we can list the tramways of Marseille, Reims, Paris, Suzhou, Izmir, the metros of Shanghai, Nanjing, Istanbul, Rio, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Hong Kong, various EMUs such as AGC, Regio 2N, Sydney double deck, China sleeper train as well as high speed trains such as TGV 3G or KTXII.

Innovation : Innovative industrial design.




Activity : MECELEC COMPOSITES is the French leader in the implementation of composite materials. Known for its specific tooling development in the construction industry (electricity, gas, telecom, water, etc.), the Group has also developed expertise and advanced technologies in composites. Technologies available at MECELEC:  Injection (Thermoplastics) - Contact molding (Thermoset) - Infusion and RTM (Thermoset resin injection) - SMC molding (Thermoset compression) - Finishing (machining, gluing, inserting, US welding, assembly, …) - Means of design and control.




Activity : As an international company, MEN offers a wide product range of embedded, robust, reliable and modular boards and systems for harsh environment of Transportation market. Products and solutions for Railway: menTCS (Modular Train Control System) , menRDC (Rail Data Center), Modular Box and Panel PC (UIC 612), Ethernet Switches for Railway – Fieldbuses interfaces, Tailor-made systems based on robust industrial standards CompactPCI® / PlusIO / Serial, Rugged Computer-On-Modules, EN50155 compliance.

Innovation : The MEN Railway Data Center menRDC is able to combine many different functions like passenger information, onboard internet, predictive maintenance, video surveillance, driver assistance or vehicle-to-land/vehicle-to-vehicle-communication within one system.



Activity : We sell temperature sensors and / or gas flow sensors that are both wireless AND autonomous, ie batteryless and wireless. These sensors take up a reduced volume and include an innovative thermal energy harvesting device patented by CNRS, the national french research agency. This energy harvesting device activates the wireless transmission of temperature from a temperature difference of 10 ° C. Robust and endlessly autonomous, the sensors sold by MOïZ can monitor a temperature and send the data measured using different communication protocols (LORA, SIgfox, BLE, ...)

Innovation : Temperature and / or gas flow velocity sensor that is both wireless and autonomous, ie wireless and batteryless.




Activity : The start-up Morphosense, from CEA Léti, offers an innovative technological solution unique in the world for the monitoring of infrastructure. A monitoring system that remotely, continuously and in real time uses the very high accuracy measurement of 3D deformation (less than 100 microns / m) and 3-axis vibrations. The technology, developed by Morphosense, is based on the use of a high performance MEMS network. It provides 70% of useful, relevant and reliable indicators to civil engineering structures or public / private entities in charge of infrastructure maintenance. Currently operational, this industrialized solution has shown its efficiency on the Eiffel Tower, on a STX ship, on the St Laurent bridge in Grenoble, at ANDRA and with EDF. By offering this solution dedicated to predictive maintenance, Morphosense's objective is to contribute to risk management by accurately analyzing the behavior of the structure and to optimize maintenance costs, which can be reduced by a factor of 4 to 10 if they are correctly anticipated. 




Activity : A global and tailor-made solution for your rail projects, rolling stock and infrastructure. Neopolia Rail brings together more than 35 companies that combine their know-how to respond in an innovative way to the needs of the rail market. Relying on the diversity and complementarity of its companies, our range of solutions covers 3 areas of expertise: train interior (design, study and realization of complete metal, plastic and composite subassemblies, integration of functions), assemblies / mechanical parts (study and realization of metal and composite subassemblies) and electronics (studies and realization of subsets, connected systems, sound systems, digital function integration).




Activity : NFC-I has developed an IOT (Internet of Things) platform dedicated to industrial maintenance. Our software platform makes it possible to collect, transport, secure and analyze our customers ‘data. We use (or design) sensors and connected objects, we adapt the communication protocols depending on the environment. We also manage, if necessary, data hosting and we provide the appropriate interfaces for the business software of our customers. Our solution adapts to any field constraints: network, electromagnetic, weather conditions, etc…Our platform complies with the cybersecurity requirements specific to the industrial sector. We have also developed data analysis algorithms allowing us to build predictive models for the operations of our customers. Our platform has been specifically developed for the maintenance of rail infrastructures but it can be adapted to other industrial sectors.

Innovation : We have designed and developed an innovative digital platform that is a world first. This platform makes it possible to completely dematerialize the forms for the maintenance operations of signal installations, switching equipment, catenaries and telecoms. The platform can be deployed either to a single railway track or on a national scale.  The data thus collected lead to the next stage of maintenance: predictive maintenance.  We provide a comprehensive solution for the rail industry. Our solution factors the requirements of any business process and it has been designed to offer the best user experience (UX design). It allows our customers to make use of a tool that is adapted to their needs, that evolves and that is secure. Another added value of our platform is that it can automatically send alerts whenever malfunctions are detected.  Our platform is also used to perform a precise inventory of installations and to compare the discrepancies with the CAMM (Computer Aided Maintenance Management) databases of our customers.




Activity : OROS designs and manufactures noise and vibration testing systems (instruments and software), meeting the requirements and expectations of railway, automotive, aerospace, marine energy & process, manufacturing and automation industries. OROS covers data acquisition (recorder, FFT, time domain analysis, monitoring), structural dynamics (operation deflection shape, modal analysis, FRF), acoustics (1/n octave, overall acoustics, sound power / intensity / quality, acoustical holography, ATPA) and rotating applications (order tracking analysis, turbomachinery, torsion, balancing)  as well as a range of related services.




Activity : Software Engineering, Infrastructure Data Management Software. OSMOSE Software Engineering makes software solution to be effective with data organisation and data viewer.

Innovation : Our innovative software, called Vespucci, builds a global vision of all data of linear infrastructure, technical and multimedia. Vespucci so improves the efficiency of your teams and their exchanges and communications. Vespucci manages, merges and connects all data, technical and multimedia documents, connected objects et localization data into a super technical google street view. You access all documents with augmented reality and it makes study plans interactives. Vespucci runs on PC, PC with several screen and Windows Pad. Vespucci brings the field to the office and the office on the field.




Activity : As a French subsidiary of a German group with 40 subsidiaries and more than 65 years of experience, Pilz offers safety and standard automation components and systems - from sensors to Motion Control By the control-command systems. Components and Pilz control systems are already used worldwide in many railway applications: monitoring and control of level crossings, control positions of switches and embedded security.

Innovation :

  • PSS 4000-R automation system with approval for the railway sector (CENELEC) and fire protection (EN 45545).

  • PNOZmulti modular control system for level crossings safety control with flashing lights or gates.




Activity : Production of antennas and filters for on board communication systems as GSM-R and TETRA. POLOMARCONI provides radiocommunication solutions (TETRA, DMR, LTE  technology),  GSMR Terminals and antennas for transportation market (VHF / UHF, GSMR, LTE, mobiles, Mimo, DUAL BAND GSM/R-GPS). Short or long term rental of radio communication solution for railways building sites.

Innovation : We are the only homologated supplier for SNCF of GSM-R antenna for on board radio, thanks to our safety & security patent studied for SNCF since 2001.




Activity : Porcher Industries is a global leader in the development and supply of innovative technical textiles and thermoplastic composite solutions. Porcher Industries proposes the widest range of technical textiles dedicated to the transportation industries, including railway. Our fabrics, scrims, yarns and composite materials allow you to reach the best performance/weigth ratio for all your components being compliant with the most critical standards.

Innovation :

  • Thermoplastic composites allowing an easy and reversible shaping of composite parts with advanced mechanical properties and high temperature resistance.

  • 3D weaving allowing the weaving of pre-shaped reinforcement to make your impregnation process easier and your composite parts more homogeneous.




Activité : PragmaDev provides a set of modeling and testing  tools that helps managing complexity inherent to developing state of the art systems. PragmaDev Studio integrates different tools based on international standards. The tools target architects/system engineers, developers, and testers. The complete tool set includes bridges from one tool to the other such as automatic test case generation out of a functional model (model based testing). PragmaDev has established partnership with key players in the real time domain. Customers include Airbus, Renault, Alcatel-Lucent, ST, ABB, the French Army, the European Space Agency, Toshiba, Korean Telecom, or LG Electronics.




Activity : First European industrial company specialized in 3D printing, PRISMADD propose a complete offer for highly technical industrial fields such as armament, aeronautics, nuclear or railway. Thank to experienced partners in metal working and special steel distribution (Rhonatec), machining of special parts and precision mechanics assemblies (Farella) and 3D printing (Creatix3D), PRISMADD is able to present a complete offer fully integrated, dedicated to the production of your simple or complex parts.




Activity : R&D vision is a company specialized in the research and development of solutions of measures integrating the acquisition and the analysis of images.




Activity : Radiall is a “global manufacturer of high reliability interconnect components” for numerous demanding industries. With Van-System, we serve the Railway Industry interconnect components including RF, Fiber optic, High speed signal and Power,... The designs are based on circular (reverse bayonet), rectangular connectors and custom design for interconnect solutions.  With expertise centers and manufacturing locations on 3 continents and 13 countries, Radiall provides its customers product innovation, personalized support, and superior logistics.

Innovation : Modular interconnect system for fast Ethernet CAT 7A: Passenger control, Networking and lighting control, Diagnostic support for brakes, motors and doors, Passenger display andInternet connection. This new jumper cable is a key element of an improved cabling system for the on board train communication infrastructure. This platform offers connectivity and communication for the Passenger Information System (PIS). It supports video surveillance and detection of possible failures or fire. The same infrastructure supports also train status monitoring and maintenance.

Modular Snap & Pool connectors: Quick disconnect by pulling the lanyard when needed. This innovative system preserves connection between coaches from electrical and mechanical damages due to unattended or emergency operated disengagements.




Activity : Railcare has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Railroad Maintenance. Initially within Sweden, but nowadays covering Scandinavia and UK in its activity. The “red thread” in development has been to approach classical maintenance issues from a new perspective. Can we do this with significant improved productivity? The, over short time, heavy increase of traffic on European infrastructure has added the perspective; with shorter down time? Railvac™ Concept. A tool for vacuum excavation that minimizes infrastructure down time and gives high productivity within applications like Cable work, Drainage and Re-ballasting in critical areas.




Activity : Revinax uses virtual training to improve global health and working conditions through better training, efficiently teaches complicated consecutive gestures to share the latest techniques and preserve traditional know-how, turns every smartphone into a virtual training center.

Innovation : We will exhibit mobile virtual reality helmets on TransRail. Visitors will be able to try the immersive tutos developed by Revinax. The immersice tutorial is useful for :

  • Training of technicians and temporary employees.

  • Risk prevention and management.

  • Internal and external communication.




Activity : Company specialized in wireless communication systems and monitoring of low power consumption sensors for autonomous applications. RF TRACK designs and manufactures connected systems and smart sensors for animal tracking, machine/objects tracking, e-health, etc. We can intervene on your whole connected system project: from the specifications to manufacturing through R&D and industrialization phases.

Innovation : LoRa Mote LoRaWan GPS tracker, waterproof battery-powered housing and particularly suitable for container tracking and vehicle tracking applications. LoRa Probe, a stand-alone product that connects your different sensors with LoRaWan connectivity to a private network or public operator.




Activity : Sub-contracting on clients assembly lines in railway rolling stock materials: preventive and curative maintenance, retrofits services, … Application fields: electrics, pneumatics, mechanics, ... RM SYSTEM also offers training services on specific skills and supplies insulation materials and wood pannels with mounting.




Activité : ROV DEVELOPPEMENT has been in business for more than 25 years and manufacturing specialized equipments for the railway industry with solutions such as cameras, lasers and robots. These tools are used for the maintenance, control, observation and prevention concerning the Overhead Catenary System (OCS), the rail system and small tunnels under the track. ROV DEVELOPPEMENT presents CAMEROV® VISIOCAT© and its additional modules to inspect catenaries and electric traction installations without any Operation Restriction Request.




Activity : Start-up, created 3 years ago, Saagie significantly accelerates the implementation of Big Data projects embedding artificial intelligence through a PAAS platform. Designed to integrate the latest technological developments in the field of Big Data, it allows rapid development of innovative applications for trades and radically simplify the production of projects. Our platform, a real assembly line, covers the extraction, storage, preparation, processing and analysis of data, in the most secure way possible, integrating a data governance tool, in full compliance with the regulations in place. It is a platform for the industrialization of data science, based on a distributed architecture, on an open source platform, which brings together technologies and federates skills (data scientists, data analysts, IT teams) to carry out your projects. Ready to deploy, fully managed and updated, it allows you to focus on what is important to you: the collaboration of teams in the service of your trades and their transformation. 




Activity : Company specialized in extrusion of value added aluminium profiles and machining : Design technical aid - extrusion of aluminium profiles - surface treatment - thermally broken profiles - machining on the same site. Sapais specialized  in the work of aluminum for train body  (sidewall, roof and floor panels, lower rails, ...) thanks to its capacity to work aluminium in very large dimensions and to its technology of welding by friction rotation. Sapa also worked on a floating floor for the interior of the trains in collaboration with the austrian company Getzner Werkstoffe. Sapa also produces aluminum masts and lights for railway infrastructures.





Activity : Company offering  an expertise in 3 fields: plastic processing with recognized expertise in the design and manufacturing of connectors, mechanics and, especially, the field of micromechanics (cutting and screw-cutting), but also mechatronics with a great expertise in the design and the manufacturing of measurement systems and energy administration. 

Innovation : Lumex, the Hybrid 3D printer coupled to the milling system allow us to manufacture directly finished complex Parts. Thanks to this technology, our Main Goal is to decrease drastically the time to produce in order to help our customers to reduce the time to market. Moreover we can produce specific technical insert and cavities for our tooling. We can realize complex water cooling channel nearest to the cavity in order to minimize the warpage of our plastic parts and to optimize the cycle time. 




Activity : Engineering (MOE, AMO ...), design, test and commissioning in transport systems and interlocking. SECA also offers design skills  in electronics and embedded systems but also Automation and SCADA. Training programs in railway systems. Railway, metro and tramway applications, in France and abroad. The company offers partnership for turnkey business: engineering, technical plans, execution studies ... SECA also offers solutions for test and commissioning and supplies specific equipment, cabinets, PLC...

Innovation : Simulation software for tests of interlocking systems. - Autonomous localization solution: localization of wagons or any other mobile.




Activity : SECTOR specialized in Risk Management and Performance Improvement and works in the railway transportation sector for all players: Builders - Suppliers - Operators - Engineering Companies - Project Owners and Project Management. Our studies are applied to Rolling Stock, Infrastructure, Power Distribution, Embedded Equipment and Signaling Equipment: Risk Analysis - RAMS System Studies - Safety Electronics and Software Studies - Safety Files - Safety Audit and Evaluation IEC 61508, EN 50126, EN 50129, ISO 26262 - Reliability Monitoring - EcoDesign - Integrated Logistic Support - Continuity Plan of Activity (PCA) - Audit on the Maintenance Function - Improvement of Industrial Performance, … 

Innovation : SECTOR is currently working on autonomous vehicles to ensure their safety, whether in the sense of safety or in the sense of cyber-security. Our ambitious R & D policy has led us to create a digital security validation platform for ADAS systems, based on simulation and modeling. These skills can meet new expectations of the railway transportation sector.




Activity : SensUp is a subsidiary of Keopsys Group founded in 2013 which designs, manufactures and commercializes electro-optical laser-based systems. One of our main product range - 2D & 3D LiDAR systems - are used for real time obstacle detection and geolocalization on Unmaned Autonomous Systems (UAS) & Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Innovation : LDR 1550 LR, a high performance (>1km detection range) 3D LiDAR based on fiber laser technology with an innovative SLAM embedded technology for moving objects detection and classification.




Activity : SES-Europe, the European subsidiary of SESTECH, offers specialized softwares ans services in the following areas:  Grounding, earthing analysis - Electrical interference (capacitive, inductive and conductive and EMC analysis and mitigation -  Electromagnetic fields analysis - Lightning & transients analysis -  Electric environmental impact assessments and mitigation (corona, audible and radio noise, etc..).

Innovation : Calculation of ground potential elevations in a railway context - Electromagnetic interference analysis in railway context.

SIFER 2019



Activity : Staged every two years since 1999, SIFER, France’s premier international rail industry trade exhibition, brings together stakeholders from across all market sectors: major industry contractors, equipment manufacturers, suppliers and sub-contractors, public transport authorities and operators meet face-to-face, exchange ideas and create business opportunities. 436 exhibitors from 24 countries and 4,900 qualified visitors from 37 countries took part in 2017. See you in Lille, 26-28 March 2019, for the 20th edition!




Activity : Equipment for track construction and maintenance. SIFER represents 5 companies specialized in railway activities : COLMAR( road-rail cranes/ crane accessories/ballast conveyors/ballast handling system/track laying gantry/track carrying trolleys/shunters/locotractors), FCS (small motorised équipements), KZV (track surveying trolleys), ACRI-Ingénierie (developpment and manufacturing of special equipment according to specifications for track construction and rolling stock maintenance workshop) and BRECHMANN-GUSS (special spheroïdal cast iron  foundry used for Rolling stock components (brakes).

Innovation :

- for KZV: Track geometry measurement trolley to measure the curves versines (rail corrugation measurement trolley - track clearence measurement trolley). 

- for ACRI-ingénierie : concrete laying system used for CROSRAIL projet in London (train maintenance gantry for workshops).




Activity : Manufacture of plastic and metal parts. Thanks to its R&D, design and industrialization skills, Sintex NP is able to guide his customers from project phase to production, in a wide range of markets such as aeronautics, automotive, railway etc. High performance raw material (PEEK, PEI, PAI ...) or thermoset (BMC, SMC, phenolics) are mainly processed by injection, thermoset compression, CFRP stamping but also machining or additive manufacturing of powder sintering. Sintex NP is currently developing a new on step hybrid process of thermoplastic overmolding allowing to produce “net shape” composite parts. The group SINTEX NP offers its services in NDT particular with a Penetrant Testing and US.




Activity : SKF has been a leading global technology provider since 1907 on technology platforms: design, manufacturing and commercialization of bearings and units, railways axleboxes, seals, electronics equipment, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. Passengers and operators safety, reliability, cost control... The challenges of railway manufacturers are complexes. SKF is helping to customers from contributing design expertise and providing advanced axlebox bearings, to installing lubrication systems, validating reliability and safety requirements, mounting bearings and more.

Innovation : SKF Insight Rail, on-board system to transfer mobile data, directly from sensor to cloud. New product to increase reliability of equipments.




Activity : Smiths Interconnect is a leading supplier for safe, efficient and reliable connectivity in railway applications. Our experience in high performance connector solutions, antenna systems, RF components and cable assemblies for rolling stock, signaling and infrastructure results in customer-driven, reliable solutions for our customers. Our know-how and application expertise ensure the design and manufacturing of cost effective product platforms as well as completely tailored solutions for the harshest railway conditions.




Activity : SME specialized in the production of high quality and systems for thermal acoustic insulation for vehicles (trains, car, coaches, trucks, motorcycles, yachts and ships) ... Production of noise and thermal insulation materials for rolling stock construction: sound deadning compounds, noise barriers, noise absorption panels, adhesives, …  Our main production are: deadening, insulating and absorbing products of different nature, mats and felts, composites of fiberglass E and aluminum, macro/micro cell foams, draining panels, molded parts made of fiberglass stratified with phenol resin, sprayable water dispersions, sealants and adhesives, anti-corrosion and anti-condensation products.

Innovation : Metal made, draining, noise absorption and thermal insulating panel.




Activity : With a workforce of 4,000 people, Sogeti High Tech is the subsidiary of Capgemini Group dedicated to Industrial Engineering and Technological Innovation. In both physical and digital worlds, we design, develop, operate, secure, test, maintain and dismantle technology solutions to accelerate the transformation, optimize the organizations, improve the performance of industrial customers from Engineering to Operations. We deliver end-to-end projects based on the “Collaborative Business Experience”, our way of working and using our Rightshore® model.




Activity : SPHERA Test & Services provides solutions for critical systems. Based on its in-depth experience acquired from the aeronautics and defence sectors, SPHEREA Test & Services has extended its know-how to the rail industry. SPHEREA operates from the conception to the maintenance and life extension; on the fields of electronic and power supply. Our core business is the test of critical systems (ground and embedded test means, test in production line, monitoring systems), but also the maintenance-related means (repair workshops, dedicated and protable test mean close to the original equipment location , diagnosis…)

Innovation :

- ESVE – Equipment dedicated to speed monitoring and supervision for a test stages of a train (French : Equipement de Supervision de la Vitesse en Essai) ESVE is a system playing the role of a security equipment monitoring the train velocity in overspeed tests. It uses GPS, as well as speed and odometer information available onboard.

- EVC Integration Test Bench, designed for the ERMTS certification laboratory of the French National Railway Company

- Dynamic Test Bench for automatic metro : replaces a classical test track by a dynamic test bench located in the maintenance workshop

 - JacXson, partnership with Excent – Mobile equipment for production and intervention.




Activity : For more than 15 years, Sternico offers innovative software solutions in the area of Business Solutions and Industrial Automation. The expertise and experience of our employees in the industrial sector enables us to provide IT systems with lasting value to your company. Sternico offers both standard products as well as tailor-made services. With our products and services we create innovative solutions for the railway industry to improve the quality and optimize processes. Sternico offers solutions for:  ECM, keeper, leasing companies, operator, maintenance workshops and manufacturers. Our Softaware COMAP provides a digital data echanhe accross companies.




Activity : STIMIO is specialized in the design and production of BtoB connected objects and solutions, that typcially collect sensors data, transfer the data over radio protocols such as BLE, LoRa and Sigfox, store and visualize the data in Customers IT systems.

Innovation : STIMIO has developped a generic IoT equipment that collects the data from the sensors found in trains, and transfer theses data over a LoRa or 4G network.  This solution has been selected by SNCF for deployment in its trains for various IoT use cases.




Activity : STRAIL is specialized in eco-design for railway products for more than 30 years. The manufacture of our products is essentially based on recycled materials such as rubber and plastic. We develop and design many systems for level crossing solutions, railway noise reduction systems for residents and railway sleepers made of recycled plastic that can be used as standard railway, bridge and turnout. We work closely with our customers.

Innovation : Level crossing solutions - Dynamic absorber - Sound barrier - Mini sound noise barrier - Chamber element for Tram - Composite sleeper, …




Activity: Our core business is the tack welding and industrial boiler by shaping sheet metals and profiles. TECHNI INDUSTRIE is a major player in the field of railway freight manufacture. This «unrivalled » experience has enabled us to acquire unique expertise in railway freight design, manufacture, product support and assessment. It stands out through the expertise and know-how it brings to this type of complex activity: the construction of structural and component parts for wagons (wagon bodies, rolling stock, etc.).

Innovation: lightened bogie with integrated brake (patented).




Activity : TESTEA designs Automated Test Equipements by driving project management, software development, mechanical and electronic designs, wiring and integration. Services: Automated Test Equipment Design - Test & Measurement software development - Training: LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI and TestStand - Maintenance.




Activity : Thales Group's technological and industrial competence centre for microelectronics packaging, assemblies and interconnections. The company designs and manufactures high-added value modules and innovative electronics solutions dedicated to applications facing critical functional and environmental constraints. We offer high-power density/high-integration density energy conversion solutions which help our customers to get the best of their systems.

Innovation : Full SiC phase legs 1200V / 550A - Ultra-low loss and fast-switching.




Activity : Version Traduite is a specialist translation agency for the transport, new mobilities and railway sectors. They translate your documents in all languages. They can also compile glossaries and terminology bases especially for your company. Their services include translation and technical writing, desktop publishing, designing brochures or user manuals in several languages and interpretation missions at home or abroad. They guide you throughout your project. An emergency? They are both quick off the mark and flexible and can provide support for urgent projects that demand maximum efficiency and availability. Their office is open until 10pm.




Activity : WACKER is a globally active chemical company with some. Supplier of silicone products for: Bonding, sealing, coating and potting in the railway industry - Electronic equipment and applications - Impregnation of traction motors - Insulators and arresters. WACKER CHEMIE AG is also a support to customers for their projects through expertise in silicones properties and processing.

Innovation : VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) for traction motors - with SILRES® H 62 C - Silicone gels for the insulation of electronic components - Thermal conductive silicones for thermal management - Silicone adhesives and sealants within the ELASTOSIL® product range.




Activity : Westermo designs and manufactures robust industrial data communication devices for harsh environments. We provide products offering communications infrastructure from proven technologies in the control and monitoring of demanding systems with high levels of reliability. Westermo has many years of experience in data communication technologies and railway applications both on the ground and on rolling stock. Westermo provides a wide range of network products to create reliable solutions for many different applications on trains.

Innovation :

- Wifi Radio products range.

- Wolverine DDW-001-B1 : for transmitting high Ethernet through a 1-pair cable and even degraded inter-case connectors (dirt / oxidation).

- Threading of machined connectors in the case itself, ensuring an excellent ground connection of the cables, excellent resistance to vibration and protection class IP67 with GORE-TEX® membrane.