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FOSINA is the industry leading supplier of Distributed Optical Fibre Sensing (DOFS) systems (temperature, strain and vibration with a 35 year experience team in the domain. We develop and manufacture the optoelectronic hardware, the user interface software and the machine learning based algorithms used to provide precise detection, geolocation and classification of activity within the vicinity of an optical fiber used as the sensing element and the communication medium.

Application Fields

Traffic and exploitation
Signalling equipment

Fields of competence

AI - Machine Learning
Big Data
Optics - Optronics - Photonics
Acoustics & Vibration
Maintenance (Rolling stock)
Maintenance (Infrastructures)

Certifications & Standards

ISO 9001 - CE.


A single DxS Sensing Unit from FOSINA can monitor up to 100km of optical fiber which is either attached to fencing or buried alongside the track in a duct. A network of DxS Sensing Units provides gapless and persistent acoustic, strain and temperature surveillance along the length of an entire railway. It is used to covertly detect, geolocate and accurately classify unauthorised intrusion, provide a train tracking system and infrastructure and bridge monitoring against fatigue and landslide.