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The Cross Product offers software for automatic analysis of 3D LiDAR data from a railway environment. Our 3D analyses facilitate scan-to-BIM process, asset management, analysis of track geometry (rails, track axes, cables) as well as professional applications such as gauging studies, train envelops and verification of safety distances. The combination of 3D LiDAR and AI enables these large-scale processes to be carried out automatically, quickly and accurately.

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AI - Machine Learning
Software - Simulation - Virtual & Augmented reality

Certifications & Standards

- UNIFE member - Rail Open Lab member - FrenchTech Seed label


Analysis of railway infrastructure conformity based on a 3D point cloud: absolute 3D position, horizontal and vertical curvature definition, mid-chord offset, superelevation, track gauge, height and stagger for contact wire, verification of distance between running rail and platform, verification of safety distances, detection of collision risks.