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Flender is synonymous with extensive knowledge of all aspects of mechanical and electrical drive technology, as well as top-quality products and services. The right gearbox solution for every requirement: we offer planetary and coaxial gearboxes from standard designs or as ready-to-use application solutions. The world's most extensive range of industrial couplings offers elastic, highly elastic, rigid, hydrodynamic and backlash-free solutions, as well as railway couplings.

Fields of competence

Mechanics & Metal working

Certifications & Standards

ISO Certificate 9001 (2015) - ISO Certificate 14001 (2015) - ISO Certificate 45001 (2018).


AIQ detect for N-EUPEX and RUPEX. Hardware: two magnets and AIG Detect Sensor. By measuring the time difference between 2 points in a rotating system, the rotational speed and torsional angle can be determined. By continuously measuring the torsional angle, we can detect the wear and tear of the elastomers on the N-EUPEX and RUPEX coupling and detect operating faults.