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SPIX Industry develops voice solutions and intelligent conversational agents for Industry 4.0. An innovative company, committed to the operational implementation of artificial intelligence technologies. SPIX industry is the leader in its market, focused on the improvement of the industrial performance in Europe. Today, the question is no longer whether voice and intelligent assistance can revolutionize your industry, but HOW to integrate it into your production or maintenance processes.

Application Fields

Embedded equipment

Fields of competence

Control - Testing - Measurement
Maintenance (Rolling stock)


This voice assistant is called Spix, it finds its operational application for industry operators in the integration of Spix.SKILLS in the software and business applications of industrial customers such as SAP, APRISO, IBM MAximo, and many others. A tailor-made program for the introduction of voice into the company provides a framework for the introduction of this type of innovation at the service of technicians in industry.