Trans'Rail Connection 2023


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CTTM is an R&D and Characterization center, a catalyst for innovation, supporting the projects of SMEs, ETIs and major industrial groups. It employs 45 researchers, engineers and technicians in 4 areas of expertise: Acoustics and Vibration, Design Engineering, Biological and Medical Engineering, and Materials. Its activities for industry, as a provider of studies, R&D and Innovation, are mainly developed within the framework of projects at the median technological maturity level (ranging from 4 to 6, or even 7 on the TRL Technology Readiness Level scale, which comprises 9). Based on qualified fundamental research results, CTTM takes developments to the demonstrator stage (functional prototypes). CTTM also relies on close collaboration with Le Mans University. Last but not least, CTTM is one of France's leading technology transfer centers, with the Centre de Ressources Technologiques (CRT) label and ISO 9001 certification.

Application Fields

Interior and comfort on board
Passenger infotainment

Fields of competence

AI - Machine Learning
Control - Testing - Measurement
Prototyping - Additive manufacturing - 3D Printing
Acoustics & Vibration

Certifications & Standards

ISO 9001.