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26 & 27 NOVEMBER 2019 | PARIS  (Pavillon Dauphine)

6th edition of the international meetings dedicated to railway & urban mobility


Tuesday 26 November

Morning:  Innovative processes & materials

10.00-10.30 : “Composite parts and rolling stock : presentation of the ISOLAFORM product, insulating and modular panel with multiple properties”
David Cnockaert, Technoform Engineering
11.30-12.00 : “Stratasys’ Additive Manufacturing Solutions for the Railway Sector”
Joana de Medina, Stratasys

12.00-12.30 : “Natural fibers, a solution for composites : update about the development for railway industry"
Lénaïg Vénuat, Fibres Recherche Développement
10.00-10.30 : « Innovative and recyclable polymers dedicated to train interiors: an alternative for the weight reduction of passenger wagons»
François Venisse, epsotech
11.30-12.00 : « Statistical fractography, an innovation for mechanical default  analysis and material characterization»
Laurent Ponson, Tortoise 

12.00-12.30 : “How innovation in the rail interior market can generates millions of savings and strong added value to passengers”
Benjamin Saada, Expliseat

Afternoon :  Energy

14.30-15.00 : “Greener railway transportation : Conclusions and Perspectives after MP Benoit Simian’s Report”
Hervé de Tréglodé, Ingénieur des Mines
15.00-15.30 : “Smart Grid in the railway system” 
Christophe SAUDEMONT, Laboratoire d’Electrotechnique et d’Electronique de Puissance de Lille (L2EP)
17.00-17.30 : “Batteries & hydrogen fuel cell power supplies: what are the technology developed by the CEA for the transport industry?"
Philippe Michallon - CEA Liten

17.30-18.00 : “The challenges of eco-friendly solutions for  the rail fleet in France”
Yannick Legay,  Alstom Transport
Wednesday 27 November

Morning:  Connected & autonomous train


09.30-10.00 : “Take the expert’s opinion into account regarding sensor data in Machine Learning”
Julien Muller, Ezako

10.00-10.30 : “The smart data approach to achieve unequalled operational agility : Example of shock detection on pantograph”
Ludovic Broquereau, Sequanta

12.00-12.30 : “BASL, the ultimate maintenance service engineering tool”
Abdelilah Sanif, DevCSI

12.30-13.00 : “Struggle against obsolescence in the rail sector : from R&D to Maintenance”
Nathalie Barat, OBSAM

09.30-10.00 : “Smart telediagnostic : The end of train breakdowns is coming”
Raphaël Atayi, Eurotech

10.00-10.30 : “Ensuring the traceability of parts to meet security requirements and improve performance in the digital era”

Diana de Bernardy & Christophe Besson

12.00-12.30 : “Embedded video protection and connectivity : new perspectives for the Lyon metro”

Flavie Hacault & Christophe Quiblier – SETEC ITS 

12.30-13.00: “Human-machine cohabitation: what place for human beings in the railway of the future?”
Thomas Didier, Ermeo

Afternoon :  Connected infrastructure & network


14.30-15.00 : "How to optimize your chances of success? "
Marc Bedikian, Akka Technologies

15.30-16.00 : “IoT and railway industry: what are the challenges for the success of projects related to digital transformation?”

Jérémy Dell’Omo, Moxa

16.30-17.00 : “Conditional and predictive maintenance of the railway network by vibratory analysis and connected objects"

Anne Coulon, Vibratec

14.30-15.00 : “Infrastructures predictive maintenance : the Keys to a Successful Project”
Nicolas Bournet, Jonathan Ouoba & Serge Chaumette, NFC-i

15.30-16.00 : “IoT at the service of rail infrastructure”
Raphaël Mabelle, Stimio

16.30-17.00: “Cyber security for IoT : what are the risks and solutions ?”

Martine Lapierre & Laurent Jutard, Thales

17.00-17.30: Title to be confirmed