26 & 27 NOVEMBRE 2019 | PARIS  (Pavillon Dauphine)

6ème édition des rencontres internationales du ferroviaire et de la mobilité urbaine

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DUTCH RAILWAY : Our German neighbors will lead a conference on TransRail Connection !

This conference will be the opportunity to discover how our European neighbors improve their rail network. Then, we will see how, and thanks to what tools, maintenance and predictive analysis, a theme at the heart of the railway industry, can solve in real time the malfunctions, such as the detection of air leaks in pipes braking and degradation of various components, according to Dutch Railways. Come to attend this conference, led by Wan-Jui LEE, Data Scientist at Dutch railways, to discover Dutch Railways' issues and point of view. Check the conferences program Discover the speaker !

METRO RIO will be present on TransRail Connection !

Interested in what happens on the other side of the Atlantic concerning urban mobility? Come to attend this conference, led by Joubert Flores, engineering manager at Metro Rio ! This conference will be the opportunity to discover how the city of Rio, Brazil, improves and expands its metro network. Joubert Flores will present the different solutions used by the city of Rio and their applications in order to give a general overview of the expansion of metros in Brazil. Urban mobility has become a key issue in the expansion of cities in developing countries. To learn more, don't miss this conference on TransRail Connection 2017! Check the conferences program

Find MEN MIKRO ELEKTRONIK on TransRail Connection !

The lists of participants & projects expand daily. On the exhibition area, come to meet Men Mikro Elektroniks ! As an international company, MEN offers a wide product range of embedded, robust, reliable and modular boards and systems for harsh environment of Transportation market. Products and solutions for Railway On TransRail Connection, Men will present you the MEN Railway Data Center menRDC. This one is able to combine many different functions like passenger information, onboard internet, predictive maintenance, video surveillance, driver assistance or vehicle-to-land/vehicle-to-vehicle-communication within one system. Don't miss this company, and all the others on TransRail Connection !

CEA LETI will lead a conference on TransRail Connection !

Come to attend the Philippe Despesse's conference on TransRail Connection ! This conference, led by Philippe Despesse, in charge of Telecom and Energy Management offers at CEA LETI, will provide an overview of the different solutions and tools used to digitize predictive maintenance. Strong development traction in IoT, predictive maintenance involves having reliable, robust and secure solutions, with the right sensors and a maximum, if not total, autonomy. This conference will also be the opportunity to analyze some examples of implementation. The Internet of objects, and more generally, digitalization is now, more than ever, at the heart of the railway industry and urban mobility. Don't mis

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For its 7th edition, TransRail will be held in Pavillon Dauphine in Paris on November 26 & 27 November 2019 . This networking event is a unique opportunity to meet the major decision-maker as well as innovative companies around a rich program composed of : exhibition, conferences, round table and innovation showroom. 

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